Our program of hospice advocacy was developed with one vision in mind; to ensure the compassionate delivery of the highest quality care possible to those navigating the end-of-life journey.  As advocates for high-quality hospice and palliative care programs, transparent quality measures, and fair reimbursement policies, we promote integrity within end-of-life care.  We partner with other organizations to ensure that quality hospice care continues to be made available to all who need it.  Carolinas Hospice believes that those facing end-of-life decisions should experience the most comforting, advanced, and dignified care during this difficult time and we work as your advocate to ensure this.  


At Carolinas Hospice, our primary focus is on patients and their families.  Hospice care is not limited to the patient and it doesn't stop with a patients passing.  Quality hospice care is about meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and their family throughout their end-of-life journey and for up to thirteen months after the patient passes via grief support.  We collect and analyse program data from hospice providers, create benchmarks and quality measures that we share with other hospice advocates to help promote quality, patient and family focused hospice care. 


Carolinas Hospice partners with medical professionals to promote the use of quality end-of-life care providers and appropriate use of the resources available to their patients.


As hospice is physician directed care, we provide education and resources to the medical community to help answer important end-of-life care questions.


  • When is it appropriate to make a referral?

  • Knowing that patients have a right to choose their hospice provider

  • Helping patients and families navigate to a quality provider that can assist in the difficult decision making process